Are the floor plans modifiable? Yes! The interior walls are not load-bearing, so we can alter the plan in order to accommodate your ideas. Please see the examples on our website of different 2/2 floor plans. Also.  We can easily add square footage,  add a full basement, first floor room additions – they are “Growable”!

Can the first floor have a half bath instead of a full bath? Absolutely. Some people want to have the full bath as part of the “growable feature” or as a full bath for guests.

Can I add more windows or change their placement? Yes, you can. Our base design features the optimal number of windows for maximizing insulation efficiency and light, but we are happy to work to accommodate your wishes.

Do you have different siding options? We are committed to using LP Smartside products, but fortunately they come in variety of styles and pricing options.

What type of flooring do you use? We use bamboo on the main level, tongue and groove pine on the second floor and tile in the bathrooms.

Do you offer other options for flooring? We can put down some laminate floor options, or carpet. If you want other options, we will allow you to contract with a local provider/installer.

Do you build on slab? We typically build over a crawlspace or full height basement, which can be finished or unfinished. Crawlspace height is dependent on the site.

Do you seal the crawlspace? Yes. We insulate with foam board on the walls and door and then put a minimum 6 millimeter liner with overlapping seams that attaches to insulation boards with tape, adhesive, or both.

What type of heating and cooling system do you use? We install mini-spit systems that have one outside unit and then three inside units: one on the main floor and one in each bedroom upstairs. We use various brands according to availability and reliability.

Do you use galvanized metal? We use Galvalume which is a 55% Aluminum-Zinc alloy coated sheet steel that is so durable it will probably out last you :)

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